About CN Lab Private Label & Raw Supplement Ingredients

– We manufacture bulk nutritional raw supplement ingredients in GMP standard plant
– We manufacture private label nutritional supplements in GMP standard plant

Your Formula + Our Manufacturing = Your Successful Supplements

We locates in Mainland China. We will be your eyes and brain in China.

Your supplement’s success from China starts with the right source in raw ingredients and a reliable, quality contract supplement manufacturer. As a supplier that well understands the science and cultures of both the East and the West, we are your ideal partner. We are here to help you obtain the highest quality food and natural health supplements & ingredients. Our value added one stop private label services will meet all our customer’s requirem. You are welcome to auditing the plant which makes your supplements and raw ingredients any time you want. You will be invited to see the whole process of how your products are made.

Our mission is to:

  • Provide one-stop nutraceutical contract manufacturing /OEM service, from your formulas and ideas to finished private label supplements
  • Provide a cost-effective solution from bulk supplement ingredients and product development, to manufacturing and packaging
  • Manufacture top quality science-based raw ingredients and products
  • Provide strict Quality Control in a highly regulated GMP manufacturing environment
  • Guarantee that all manufacturing processes meet GMP regulations through our in-house testing lab

Dosage Forms Offered:

  • Softgel/enteric coating softgel
  • Tablet
  • Two-piece hard gelatin/vegetable capsule
  • Powder

Packaging Service Offered:

  • Bottling
  • Labeling
  • Blistering
  • Boxing

Value-added Benefits:

  • Shipping the finished supplements to your destination
  • Providing the necessary import/export product-related documents to meet the regulations in your country or destination country
  • Issuing Certificate of Analysis for finished products and bulk supplement ingredients after third-party lab testing

CN Lab’s Commitment:

Private Label & Raw Supplement Ingredients Quality Control:

  • One-stop contract manufacturing service
  • All products made in cGMP-compliant facilities
  • Product contents and amounts will match exactly the Certificate of Analysis provided to you
  • All manufacturing processes are guaranteed by our in-house testing lab
  • Finished products are tested by an independent third-party lab for added assurance
  • We will manufacture all goods strictly according to client specifications
  • More than 200 raw materials and more than 1000 packaging options in stock to save time on sourcing for even faster lead time
  • With our years of professional experience, we are well-equipped to help you solve any problem or concern
  • Apart from our standard products, we can develop unique, one-of-a-kind products based on your custom specifications

About Customer service:

  • Dedication to customer service; fast response time from inquiry to quotation delivery
  • Account managers will follow-up and update the customer on the status of their order throughout the entire process
  • We believe in relationships built on trust and honesty, so all replies we give you will be the absolute truth. It will be like you’re personally here in China, watching your products get developed
  • Fastest lead time
  • We will prepare all necessary export documents, and aid in logistics and shipping placements
  • Send all shipping documents and packing slips in a timely manner so customer can pick up as soon as possible
  • All existing and potential customers are welcome to visit our facilities for a company tour or to personally inspect your order’s manufacturing process
  • From client inquiry to final goods delivery, you will be supported by some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in China, with China’s best national-level manufacturing facilities at your service
  • From first inquiry to final delivery, we will answer all of your correspondence in a timely fashion

Facts about CN Lab:

  2. In house production for softgel, tablet, capsule and powder
  3. In house packaging
  4. Hundreds of stock globa best source of supplement raw ingredients
  5. Product development support
  6. In house QC & analytical lab
  7. Fast lead time and delivery time

Our Team

We are a passionate team, is also a big famliy, vigor, unity and mutual assistance.



Our sales manager, Elena just come back to work. After she gave her son birth.